Our Story

Whether it’s Netflix or going to a traditional movie theater, the viewing experience has always been one-way: the viewer watches the screen. Fourth Wall Cinema tears down the barrier between the audience and the movie, so the two worlds collide and the interaction flows both ways.

We care about how we make visitors feel. From the anticipation of entering through the venue’s doors and not knowing what to expect, to being teleported into an alternative themed universe, we put our hearts and creative energies into a magical set design that rekindles childlike wonder. We’ve designed an experience that submerges you into the theme both before and during the movie, so you’re wholeheartedly connected and in the moment.

That’s what brought the three of us together. We love film, interactive art installations, speakeasies, emotion, creativity, and most of all, giving people unforgettable experiences that have an impact long after the showtime.

Our paths crossed in San Diego. Two of us are from the east coast and one is a native San Diegan, born and raised. We thought Among the Pines would be the perfect way to kick off Fourth Wall Cinema as it lets us bring a little of that east coast winter magic to sunny San Diego for everyone to enjoy.